Ravelston Garden

Design and Planting Design

The Ravelston garden is another garden with "good bones", a historic location, old walls and a tower in the garden (shouldn't every garden have its own tower?) and enthusiastic owners.

There were several feature plants already there but the beds were mostly empty after some work to the house and garden landscaping. The homeowners knew what they wanted: a colour theme of blues, white, orange, yellow and a hint of red, a wildlife-encouraging organic garden and as much interest all year as possible. Also on the list was a new large pond and herb/physics garden. It's been a joy to design the planting for this garden and watch it develop. Each time I go to maintain it I open the gate with joy as it always looks fabulous and there's always something happening. Home to a plethora of insects, an abundance of frogs and many different birds, the garden has really lived up to the original brief.

Sarah has been gardening for us since mid 2017 and she has transformed our garden! Before starting we gave her a basic brief of what we were looking for but the freedom to choose plants that she felt suitable. Our aim was to create an organic, wildlife friendly, cottage style garden with a subtle formal feel. We are absolutely delighted that we are enjoying a beautiful garden rich in biodiversity and year round colour. She also helped us create a small and a larger wildlife pond which are now teeming with life, we decided not to have fish as they are not conducive to wildlife but we have loads of aquatic and bird life including a visiting heron!
Sarah’s knowledge is immense and she has managed to plant so that we enjoy colour almost throughout the entire year. She is such a hard worker and gets through so much in a short space of time, will organise plant delivery and is a pleasure to work with. She is also so honest and during this recent dry spell suggested not coming on one occasion due to no weeds coming through!
We would highly recommend her and encourage you to benefit from her valuable skills. Enjoy your garden. Thank you Sarah!

Ravelston Garden Owner

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