Plant Identification and Advice

  • New to Gardening?
  • Just moved house and have a garden for the first time?
  • A garden full of plants you have no idea what to do with?
  • Want to know what plants are in your garden, what they do and what you need to do with them?

There are two types of Plant Identification and Advice services. Helping You Learn and Comprehensive Report.

Hosta curls

Helping You Learn

We'll walk your garden together, I'll name the plants and tell you a little about them whilst you take notes writing down the names with brief details on each plant. We can work in a clockwise direction so it's easy for you to go back and find the plants again.

From your notes you'll be able to use gardening books or the internet to find pictures and information on the plants. Alternatively, you can take photos as we go round and match them up to your notes later on.

This is a good service for people who really want to learn more about the plants in their garden but need a bit of help and advice to get started. This can also be taught within Garden Coaching sessions so please check out the Garden Coaching page.


Comprehensive Report

After visiting your garden I compile a report which lists all the visible plants in your garden. Depending on the time of year some plants may not be visible. These can be identified by photograph and email later in the year.

The report will include

  • The botanical name
  • A picture of the plant to help you identify it again later
  • Description of any stand-out features for identifying the plant
  • A short note about flowering time, pruning required or any special needs
  • A 12 month "ID help" email service, allowing you to email photos of any plants that were not in the original list but appear later in the year

The report will be emailed for you to print at your convenience. A hard paper copy of the report can be provided for a £10 fee inc. postage.


Comprehensive Report - From £200. The price of a comprehensive plant ID report very much depends on the size and plant density of the garden. Please contact me for further information.

Helping You Learn - From £70 depending on the size and plant density of the garden. Please contact me for further information.

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