Garden Coaching

Learn to love your garden by learning “about” your garden.

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Working Together

Garden coaching means you have help. Help with the “getting out of hand” bits and the “don't know what to do with that bit”. Advice on how to tackle or change those areas and practical, expert support to make those jobs more enjoyable and rewarding, not to mention halving the work.

We work together. Sessions are tailored to the needs of your garden and to you, enabling you to gain the information and skills you'd like to have in order to enjoy your garden more. Skills such as seed sowing and care, planting out, taking cuttings, pruning and cutting back.

Whether you're a complete beginner, know a little, have a good basic knowledge but feel stuck with how to change or develop your garden, coaching will help. You'll be armed with knowledge, enthused with new ideas and have a new eye for the great things that happen in your garden throughout the year.

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Getting outside and getting busy in the garden can have many therapeutic effects, including just getting some “you time”. Gardening is a great way of helping you deal with illness, grief, depression or difficult times in your life. The combination of doing something, outdoors, with knowledgeable help and some good old fashioned conversational chit-chat and perhaps a cup of tea...... really makes gardening more enjoyable and everyday life a bit easier to cope with.

Still not sure that coaching is for you?

  • New to gardening & don't know where to start?
  • Feel like your garden is “stuck” in time and don't know what to change?
  • What plants are best for your garden and the garden style you'd like to create?
  • Don't know what to do in the garden or when to do it?
  • Moved house and have a new garden full of “mystery” plants?
  • How, what and when to prune?
  • How to take cuttings, sow seeds and grow your own plants and produce?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the information available in gardening books?
  • Want to make the garden “your own”.
  • Want to be able to identify your plants?
  • Have an area you'd like to change or re-plant but don't want to waste money buying the wrong things?


Garden coaching sessions cost £70 for 2hrs. (2hr minimum booking)

  • Sessions can be a one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or of seasonal occurrence depending on what you feel will benefit you and your garden most.
  • Up to two people can be coached per session but in only one garden.

The idea is that at some point, you won't need me anymore!

Sarah Curtis Horticulture

Helping you love your garden.

In East and Southern Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Eastern Side of Midlothian.

A garden should be an outdoor room of your home, even in Scotland! It should be a space you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in. Somewhere you can watch the wildlife, work, entertain or simply enjoy from your window.


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