East Saltoun Garden

Maintenance and Development

This garden is a dream to work in. Owned by a Garden Designer, it's stuffed with plants. Planting combinations and different plant-varieties are experimented with. Areas are developed and re-developed as both the client and I learn. There's always something happening in this garden and with the views it has across the East Lothian fields, it's a lovely place to work even on the poor-weather days.

Colour, texture, shape and seasonal interest are very important to both the client and her artist husband and it really shows in the plant selection.

Sarah has helped transform our garden – not only is she hard working (in all weathers!), she has fantastic horticultural and plant knowledge. That along with her great ideas & design eye keeps our garden beautiful and is helping to improve it enormously as we plant and develop new areas.

East Saltoun Garden Owner

Sarah Curtis Horticulture

Helping you love your garden.

In East and Southern Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Eastern Side of Midlothian.

A garden should be an outdoor room of your home, even in Scotland! It should be a space you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in. Somewhere you can watch the wildlife, work, entertain or simply enjoy from your window.


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East Lothian
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